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Wineries Trail

Short-distance official track (PRV-257) which runs through the rural area of Concòrdia.

Along the route there are four groups of simple, one-storey rural houses with upper lofts whose main activity is wine-making.

Places of interest: Casa de Camp, camino de la Yesa, Bodegues de les Viroles, barranco de Castellar, Bodegues de Santa, partida de la Cova Fumada, country farmhouses, aljibe Redó, pine groves, barranco del Gasque, barranco de Castellar, dry-farming land, corral d’Ambròsio, Bodegues de Gea, montañas de la Ferradura, oil mills, Collado de la Losa, navajo de la Ferradura, alto de la Ferradura, cerro Campillo, peña Parda, corral de Sagarduga, barranco de Estevan, canñada del Trabuco, barranco del Trabuco, corral de Virulé, carrasca monumental, rambla d’Artaix, Bodegues de Mundo Nuevo, fields of almond trees, el corral Blanc, bridle paths, barren land, forest trails, camino de Mundo Nuevo and Bodegues de Tazaraufaltaves.

Senda de les bodegues
Wineries trail
Wineries trail

• Starting point and finishing point: Casa de Camp (circular route).
• Distance: 26.80 km. Duration: 6 hours 30’.
• Recommended for youths and adults equipped with trainers and
• Self-guided or guided tour.

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