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Tossals Track

Tossals Track - Llíria Tourism

An official hillwalking trail designated as a short-distance track (PR-CV 365).
It stems off from the Chapels tourist trail leading into the Buitrera forest allowing walkers to enjoy a fine sample of Llíria’s natural and ethnographic heritage. It runs along low-range peaks which surround the built-up areas reaching their maximum height on Saint Michael’s hill at 271 m and mainly on Buitrera hill at a height of 293 m. From a historical point of view, the track links up with the path leading to the Iberian site of Edeta, the monastery of Saint Michael and the remains of the chapel of Saint Barbara and the two turrets, la Nova and la Vella. From an ethnographical point of view it reveals the presence of caves which were lived in up until recent times such as la Garrofera and el Cavall, the Tonto well and the Borrell mine. From a scenic point of view, the track reveals ravines such as las Foies, la Torreta Vella and la Buitrera. Among the flora, it is worth noting the pine groves and the abundance of aromatic plants such as rock tea, rosemary and thyme.

• Starting point and finishing point: Plaça Major (circular route).
• Distance: 6.5 km. Duration: 2h.
• Recommended for youths and adults equipped with trainers and
• Self-guided or guided tour.

Tossals Track - Llíria Tourism
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