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A contemporary building built on the grounds of the ancient Islamic citadel and medieval Christian castle.
The visit entails a chronological trip through the history of Llíria.

There is a hall of Iberian culture which exhibits figurative ceramic pieces from ancient Edeta. It has an epigraphic gallery with Roman inscriptions of an honorary and funeral nature and two halls of Roman culture where a sample from a collection of treasure of 6,000 silver coins from the Imperial age is on display along with a collection of paintings called “Lección para una celebración – Lesson for a Celebration”, a recreation of a Roman thermopolium and a model of the Temple and the Roman Thermae of Mura. There is a hall of medieval culture where the Gothic polychrome panels from the Church of the Blood of Christ are a noteworthy exhibit along with the ceramic objects from Paterna from the fifteenth century and an original medieval liturgical collection from the Church of the Blood of Christ.

  • Length of the activity: one hour.
  • Recommended for children, youths, adults and senior citizens.
  • Self-guided or guided tour with the possibility of sharing “Menudas Historias, Miquelet el arqueólogo articulado – What Stories, Miquelet the articulate archaeologist “.


Silvestre de Edeta Museum
  • Duration: 45 minutes.
  • Recommended for children, youths, adults and senior citizens.
  • Self-guided tour.

A museum set up inside the Town Hall building (Ca la Vila Vella – C15) which is dedicated to the life and work of one of Llíria’s honorary citizens Manuel Silvestre, one of the most internationally renowned Valencian sculptors of the twentieth century.

The museum has a space which screens an audiovisual presentation on the sculptor’s biography, told in first person, his work and his creative techniques, a didactic space where the artist’s studio is recreated and a museum space where a large proportion of his sculptures and drawings are exhibited.

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