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Llíria of the Renaissance and Baroque periods

This themed itinerary takes you around the architectural monuments in the main square (la plaza Mayor) in Llíria. It gives a picture of what Llíria was like in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

There is a visit to the Town Hall (Ca la Vila) with its institutional rooms from the “foral” era (Almudín, Court of Justice, Prison, Council Chamber and Jury Chamber), and there is an iconographic reading of the carved stone facade on the Church of the Assumption, one of the finest examples of Baroque facades in the Valencian Community.

Church of the Assumption
  • Length of the activity: One hour.
  • Recommended for children, youths, adults and senior citizens.
  • Guided or self-guided tour.
  • Self-guided tours must arrange access to the Town Hall (Ca la Vila), subject to availability.
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