Turismo Llíria

Llíria-Concòrdia Mountains

The equestrian route IE-005 Llíria-Concordia Mountains is a signposted circular route that runs 26.8 km along rural paths and forest trails and through traditional unirrigated agro-ecosystems (almond trees, carob trees, olive trees, vines, etc.) and irrigated land (orange groves, vegetable crops, etc.) over the Camp de Túria plain and into the Concordia Mountains (foothills to the south west of the Sierra Calderona) where it runs through a Mediterranean forest of Pinus halepensis, Mediterranean shrubs and aromatic herbs set among limestone rocks.

Ruta ecuestre Montes de la concordia - Turisme Llíria
Ruta ecuestre Montes de la concordia - Turisme Llíria

Diverse elements of ethnographic heritage are scattered around this cultural landscape such as the traditional wineries, wells, farmyards, etc.

The level of difficulty of this route is low, given that the tracks are almost 3 m wide along most of the route and the maximum gradient is 6%, the ground is clay loam and there are very few outcrops of limestone rock along the track. There are also several drinking troughs along the route where horses can drink easily.

Bearing in mind that a horse can trot at a speed of around 6-9 km/h on this type of ground, the estimated time for completing this route is between 5 and 7 hours, including a couple of stops along the way to rest. This route can be
enjoyed by both experienced and novice riders. Thanks to the width of the track, it can also be done in carts or carriages and it is capable of taking heavy loads, therefore it can be done in groups in psychologically comfortable conditions both for riders and horses.

Ruta ecuestre Montes de la concordia - Turisme Llíria
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