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Historic Llíria

A full-day urban itinerary which enables visitors to tour and visit, chronologically and in stages, the most significant archaeological sites and architectural monuments in Llíria town centre.
In the morning there is a tour of the roman mausoleums, the temple and the Roman thermae, the Arab baths, the medieval city wall, the Church of the Blood of Christ and the Llíria Archaeological Museum, and in the afternoon there is a visit to the Town Hall (Ca la Vila) along with an iconographic reading of the Church of the Assumption.

  • Recommended for children, youths, adults and senior citizens.
  • Possibility of tasting and purchasing “Alimentos Tradicionales de Llíria – Traditional Food from Lliria” and buying traditional handicrafts in the shops.
  • If you’re planning to combine this with the Chapels trail, we recommend staying overnight in accommodation in Lliria.
  • Self-guided tour or guided tour “Tour of Lliria”.

Lliria Tourism Roman Mausoleum
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