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Llíria’s cuisine maintains the characteristics of Mediterranean cuisine and typical Valencian cuisine which is based on rice, vegetables and meat. There is a wide variety of dishes in which rice is the main ingredient. To this, products grown on the fertile land around Llíria, l’Horta Vella, and meat from the local farmyards are added. Rice with chard, oven-cooked rice and Valencian paella are popular dishes. Local sausages and meat from small game hunting are noted for their quality.

The fruit, pulses, vegetables and root crops that are consumed in the town come mainly from the rich fertile land around Llíria. Citrus fruits are also very predominant, oranges in particular, and onions and pumpkins are prime products.

The majority of bakeries and cake shops in Llíria still use traditional methods which enable them to produce a wide variety of delicious cakes, pastries and breads. Although they can be enjoyed all year round, some cakes and pastries are specific to certain seasons.

At Christmas you can enjoy pastissets de moniato and coques fines; spring is the time for biscuits and besets de nóvia; at Easter people eat the typical paquemaos, traditional easter mona, walnut and raisin cakes, primet de llimonà and bacon and sardine baps, and during the Saint Michael festival period the congrets are popular,, made with oil and anisette.

Traditional food from Lliria. Lliria Tourism
Traditionally-made sausages
Traditionally-made sausages

Products under the brand «Aliments Tradicionals de Llíria» are worth highlighting, which include products from the local sausage-making sector (spicy sausage spread in a tub (sobrasada de tarrina), onion black pudding in jars of oil and dried vacuum-packed sausage), from the bakeries and cake shops (congrets, rotllets, malfets, besets de nóvia and pecadets de Llíria) and from the food and agriculture sector (tomatoes and pumpkins from Llíria).

Llíria dignifies its gastronomic products in September by holding the agro-food and trade fair «A mos redò, productes de Llíria – A real good bite, Lliria products».

Also, in November the National Rice with Chard Competition is held (Concurs nacional d’arròs amb bledes) , where participants prepare this popular rice dish as a compulsory dish and they use pumpkin as the main ingredient in their desserts.

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