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Saint Vincent’s Park

Saint Vincent’s spring is located barely three kilometres from Llíria town centre. There are two ways to get there: a path which can be followed on foot or by bike which starts at the end of the street named Pla de l’Arc and which runs alongside the main irrigation channel, or it can be reached by car or bus along the main road CV-25 Llíria-Segorbe.

The spot is a botanically rich, leafy forest with a mix of different species. There are elms, acacias, poplars, eucalyptuses, banana trees, willows, cypress trees and pine trees. Further away from the spring there are centenary carob trees and olive trees. It is worth noting the aquatic fauna basically comprising fish, especially tench, and water birds and different species of ducks; among the trees the presence of squirrels and pigeons can be clearly seen.

Lliria Tourism - Saint Vincent's Park
Lliria Tourism - Saint Vincent's Park

On arriving at the park visitors feel the peacefulness of this charming spot which is full of history and tradition. The Romans erected a temple here dedicated to the nymphs, or water goddesses, and in the eighteenth century the Christians built a chapel dedicated to Saint Vincent Ferrer.

Tradition has it that in 1410 near to an olive tree between the chapel and the spring, the Dominican friar Vincent Ferrer on saying these words «it will rise and it will sink, but there will always be enough to drink», made water bubble up from the spring that was dry at the time.

The park currently has a picnic area where you can spend an unforgettable day having a snack, lunch or dinner. There is also a children’s play area, a sports and gym zone for older people and accessibility for the disabled.

Saint Vincent's Park - Llíria Tourism
Saint Vincent's Park - Llíria Tourism
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