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Medieval Lyria

A themed itinerary that traverses Llíria old town visiting Lliria´s architectural monuments that date back to the medieval period.

There is a visit to the Arab Baths, an ancient Hispanic-Muslim hammam; the medieval city wall with its watchtower; the Good Shepherd Italo-Gothic mural paintings, the Forn de la Vila (ancient town bakery), and the Church of the Blood of Christ, one of the finest examples of Conquest architecture with a magnificent Gothic-Mudejar style coffered ceiling.

Lliria Tourism - Medieval city walls
  • Length of the activity: two hours.
  • Recommended for children, youths, adults and senior citizens.
  • Self-guided or guided tour with the possibility of taking part in the didactic workshop on medieval culture “LlíriART”.
  • Self-guided tours will need to arrange an appointment to access the Church of the Good Shepherd and the Forn de la Vila, subject to availability.
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