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The LLUM Fest of Turisme Llíria joins EdetArts to commemorate “La Fête de la Musique”


On the occasion of June 21, European Music Day (Fête de la Musique), the “Llíria Universal Music. LLUM Fest”, the world music festival organized by the Department of Tourism of the Llíria City Council. This fourth edition, with the theme of “The Americas”, will be dedicated to music from the entire American continent, from Canada to Brazil, passing through the United States and the Caribbean islands of Cuba and Jamaica.

The councilor for Tourism, Paco García, accompanied by the councilor for Economic Development Paco Gorrea and the technician from Turisme Llíria Vicent Sesé, as well as the artist Mad Pluma and the music producer Xema López, today announced the program of concerts for this event that will take place from June 18 to July 16.

Paco García wanted to highlight that “the musical shows will be offered in different enclaves of the city to promote our historical heritage and contribute to the commercial revitalization of the municipality with performances both in the ‘Fira A mos redó’ and in other public spaces of the urban center . In this way, we continue to make music one of our greatest tourist attractions”.

The program includes a total of eight concerts on stages that will occupy emblematic places in Llíria, such as the Unió Musical theatre, the Mura Roman Baths or the Major and Partidors squares.

International collaboration
In addition, the Councilor for Tourism has stated that “Llíria, as a Creative City of Music by UNESCO, continues to support international collaboration in this type of initiative, with the participation of performers and ensembles from all over the world”.

Thus, Turisme Llíria and the Canadian entity Culture Path have joined their projects, LLUM Fest and EdetArts, to create this program that is sponsored by Turisme Comunitat Valenciana through the “Mediterranew Musix” brand, and the collaboration of the Canarian Institute of Canarias Crea Cultural Development and the Economic Development area of ​​the Llíria City Council, as well as the participation of artists linked to UNESCO Creative Cities such as the Spanish Llíria City of Music, Bilbao City of Design and Barcelona City of Literature, or the cities of London (Canada), Havana (Cuba) and Kingston (Jamaica).

Festival schedule
LLUM Fest & EdetArts 2022 will kick off on Saturday June 18 with the Chicago Consort & Early Music concert at the Unió Musical theater. A musical experience for string instruments that brings together artists from Illinois and Llíria on the same stage.

The festival will continue the following weekend at the Roman Baths of Mura. On Friday, June 24, it will be time for two American bands: Max Headroom, playing eighties pop, and The Inevitables (Utah), doing the same with their neo-swing style. On the 25th it will be the turn of one of the most international musicians from Llíria, the trumpeter Rubén Simeó and his musical fusion quartet.

Two more concerts are scheduled for the first two days of July at Termas de Mura. On the one hand, on Friday the 1st, Gafieira Miúda, a Brazilian group residing in Barcelona with a typical Rio de Janeiro musical style. And on the other hand, the next day the Joshua Edelman Trio & Sons will perform, a band directed by the jazz pianist born in Manhattan and resident in Bilbao who maintains a very special relationship with Llíria.

On Saturday, July 9, the festival moves to the Plaza Major stage where it will share space with the “A Mos Redó” gastronomic fair. It will be the time for Virginia Guantanamera, a Cuban singer, resident on the island of Tenerife, three-time winner of the prestigious Cubadisco award.

Finally, on the weekend of July 15 and 16, the concerts will take place in the Plaza de Partidors. On Friday, the Mad Pluma and Friends band, of this Congolese singer based in Llíria, will offer a tribute to the Jamaican and great reggae referent, Bob Marley. The festival will close on Saturday with the Calgary Fiddlers, a Canadian group that plays the purest North American country and western style.

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